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Using the funds from our hospitality sales to support NZ’s diversity.  Diversity and FUSION is everything we do. Along with others from diverse backgrounds, we have fun mixing, blending, and bringing together new cocktails, coffee, foods, and atmosphere. Everything from our music to local photography is designed to help showcase NZ’s diversity. We also promote the initiatives of other amazing groups improving cultural understanding. 

Want to be part making a change? There are so many great things that our volunteers are achieving to make NZ more inclusive. If you want to organise an awareness event, tell us about your initiatives or anything else to promote diversity in NZ, contact us today. 


Guess when this happened: Becky stands at the bus-stop in Manners Street, speaking to her parents in Chinese. An aggressive man yells: “Stop that. We speak English in NZ”. A story from the past? No – mid-2016. Isn’t it time people focused on benefiting from diversity, rather than treating it with aggression?

Our story is not unique. While working for the Minister of Ethnic Affairs and Prime Minister, Becky saw worse stories of discrimination. Missed opportunities is even more common.
Complaining isn’t Becky or Shilinka’s style, so instead of telling the aggressive man above to recognise the freedom and opportunity that NZ has, we use the proceeds from our amazing event services, coffee and cocktail sales to fund innovations that come from diversity. 


2nd in NZ for innovative cocktails, 3rd as a barista, award-winning conference manager; these are a few of the titles Becky has decorating her varied careers. With a repertoire of stories from judging cocktail competitions, working in communications for the Prime Minister or Banquets at the Intercontinental Hotel, Becky has proven to be a delightful host to anyone who comes through her doors.

Passion for customer service and dedication to the meaning of the word “hospitality” makes Becky an amazing conference manager.  "People seem to think it’s impossible to organise an event and still enjoy it! I think the organiser should be able to enjoy what they’ve created. That’s what we do”.  Whether it’s a 3-day conference, birthday party, 21st, wedding, or something else, with Becky at the helm you can be sure that it will run smoothly and that there’ll be more than a few smiles to go around. 


Inspired by making a difference, Shilinka’s passion is helping NZers make the most of diversity.  Growing up in a multi-cultural home Shilinka has seen the innovation and the problems that happen when multiple cultures share the same space.  Travelling through Asia, Europe and the Amercias, she is convinced NZ has a unique opportunity to benefit from its diversity and make all NZers better off.  

Shilinka has spent the last 21 years working with NZ government departments to improve organisational performance, often including making the most of diversity in the workplace.  She helped establish Fusion to find alternative funding for supporting cultural understanding.  Her blog records the lessons learned from making the most of diversity and funding diversity initiatives from selling events, coffee and cocktails.  It also tells other people's stories of making the most of diversity.